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February 20, 2009

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    New Investment Strategies to Better Manage Pension Liabilities for Defined Benefit Plans

    February 9, 2009

    As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Unfortunately, in no area has this been truer than in pension planning, in particular for defined benefit plans. New investment strategies to better manage pension liabilities for defined benefit plans are, now more than ever, weighing heavily on the minds of credit unions. The plunge in equity values, unprecedented high volatility and decline in interest rate yields have affected nearly every facet of retirement planning, and perhaps none more so than that of defined benefits.

    In this podcast, we interview two retirement experts on how credit unions can best manage liabilities and volatility for defined benefits.  Hod Caulkins, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, and Rich Rausser, Vice President of Consulting Services, for Pentegra Retirement Services each hold over 20 years of investment management experience.  Caulkins and Rausser discuss the recent trends in defined benefit plan asset values, the impacts of the Pension Protection Act (PPA) and WRERA, and how credit unions can better mitigate interest rate exposure under PPA as well as better manage pension plan costs and volatility as a whole.

    Pentegra Retirement Services is the preferred partner of NAFCU Services Corp. for credit union qualified retirement plan services for 401(k)s and defined benefit plans, which include comprehensive fiduciary protection, and is the only provider to offer 401(k) or pension plans exclusively for community-based financial services firms.

    Contact: Mr. Rich Rausser.; Web:, Phone: 800-872-3473 x415.

    Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation, 703 522-4770 x226,

    Show References:;;

    Debt: The Blind Spot on America’s Road to Retirement – A Multi-Generational Study

    February 3, 2009

    Financial experts have long been concerned about the level of debt in America, and particularly concerned with how levels of debt affect attitudes and behavior towards retirement security. In this podcast you will hear from John Gibbons, Managing Director at Securian Financial Group, the NAFCU Services Corporation Preferred Partner for debt protection and credit insurance solutions, as he delves into astounding results from a cutting edge study that examines attitudes about debt, how those attitudes vary by generation, and the implications for credit unions.

    The study explored if and how debt changes among four specific generational groups – from the young Generation Y consumers, now ages 20 to 26, to Generation X (27 to 42), Baby Boomers (43 to 61) and the Silent Generation (62 to 73), as well as among retirees and non-retirees. In particular, the study set out to answer four questions:

    1. How do American consumers feel about debt, and are these feelings consistent with their behavior?
    2. Do these feelings change across generations?
    3. Do Americans come to grips with debt as they approach retirement?
    4. Are Americans realistic about debt and how they will manage it in the future?

    With more than $30 billion in assets under management and a half-century of serving the credit union market, Securian Financial Group is one of the leading providers of credit insurance and debt protection solutions in the industry.

    Contact: Mr. John Gibbons,; Web: , Phone: 651-665-1494.

    Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation, 703 522-4770 x226,

    Show References:;