NAFCU Annual Conference Keynote Session Sneak Peek with Scott McKain

April 13, 2009

How do credit unions ensure loyalty from their members? As vice chairman of one of the fastest-growing public companies in the nation, Obsidian Enterprises, Inc., an organization involved in a wide range of businesses, Scott McKain knows how challenging managing and operating a diverse business can be.

Although growing successful businesses and developing corporate leaders within his own $100 million-plus organization has been McKain’s calling, speaking from experience is his true passion. His understanding of real-world business and his ability to fully engage his audience also enabled the development of Value Added Institute—a think tank with an extensive and diverse faculty that explores the activities organizations must accomplish to enhance customer loyalty—where he serves as chairman. Also an author, McKain just released his latest book Collapse of Distinction.

McKain will speak about how credit union leaders can use their work ethic and experience to generate successful ideas for member loyalty and solutions credit unions must execute to overcome today’s challenges. Listen to this podcast to get a sneak peek of Scott McKain presentation at NAFCU's 2009 Annual Conference (

1Q 2009 Economic Outlook

April 13, 2009

Each week seems to bring a new government program to address some other part of the financial crisis. Just keeping track of the acronyms is a full-time job! Helping us to better understand what has been going on in the economy and where it is heading is Hillary Elder, Director for Taxable Money Market Strategies with HighMark Capital Management and NIFCU$, the National Investment Fund for Credit Unions.

The NIFCU$ fund was the genesis of NAFCU Services Corporation nearly a quarter century ago, as a joint venture with Highmark Capital, and it provides credit unions with a triple-A rated option for overnight and short-term investments. Hillary has been managing NIFCU$ since joining the firm in 1995, and in total her team manages over $6 billion in assets. She has extensive experience in the credit union space, and in understanding macro trends in the economy.

Contact: Ms. Hillary Elder,,, 1-800-634-6521.

Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation, 703 842-2226,

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