Looking Behind the Global Recovery: Current Economic and Capital Market Outlook

April 8, 2010

As we start to look towards a recovering global economy, it may be tough to see where we as credit unions stand in the – hopefully – recovering financial arena. With market volatility on the rise the question is whether we are in the “new normal”, or whether the “new normal” even exists. In this podcast we visit with David Goerz, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer for HighMark Capital Management, the investment advisor for the National Investment Fund for Credit Unions (NIFCU$), to get a sneak peek of a presentation for NAFCU’s Chief Executive Officers Conference in April on current economic and capital markets.

NIFCU$ is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for Credit Union Investments.

Contact: Mr. David Goerz, David.Goerz@highmarkcapital.com; Web: www.nifcus.com; Phone: (800) 634-6521

Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation, dfrankil@nafcu.org; 703-842-2226

Show References: www.nafcu.org/NIFCUS

How to Evaluate an Executive Benefit Plan Vendor

April 5, 2010

The right vendor can make or break your retirement plan, as anyone who has struggled with fixing a broken plan knows too well. In this podcast we visit with Michael Blank, Senior Manager at Burns-Fazzi, Brock to discuss how to separate the good vendors from the bad, and specifically what criteria makes the difference.

Burns-Fazzi, Brock is the NAFCU Services Corporation Preferred Partner for Credit Union Executive Benefits and Compensation Consulting.

Contact: Mr. Michael Blank, Senior Manager, Burns-Fazzi, Brock; mblank@bfbbenefit.com; Web: www.bfbbenefit.com; Phone: 704-332-2265

Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation; dfrankil@nafcu.org; Phone: 703-842-2226

Show References: www.nafcu.org/bfb