Enterprise Risk Management: What Credit Unions Need to Know

August 5, 2010

Enterprise risk management is not just a process credit unions utilize to mitigate and manage the negative consequences of normal business operations. It is a practice of balancing risk and profitability. By understanding and managing the critical uncertainties that affect day-to-day business, credit unions can execute the proper strategies to achieve their performance goals in a post-financial crisis era. Learn how to apply ERM to your corporate strategies, assure leadership that risks are properly identified, and balance risk management and business objectives in this recorded session from NAFCU's 43rd Annual Conference. Download the presentation slides here.

Contact: Tara Heuse Skinner, Solutions Architect, SAS Americas Risk Practice, Email: Tara.Skinner@sas.com; Phone: 864-243-8785; Web: www.sas.com/ForCreditUnions

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