The Lessons Learned from Executive Compensation, and the Plans that Withstood the Financial Crisis

September 1, 2010

Some executive compensation plans fared well during the financial crisis – others did not. In this podcast, we visit with T.J. Telford, Partner at Burns-Fazzi, Brock, to learn about the key characteristics of plans that withstood the test of the financial crisis. We also draw conclusions about what it means for plan design going forward. With a wealth of experience serving credit unions, T.J. has significant insight for credit union executives looking to ensure that their plans provide the benefits that both they and their credit unions want.

Burns-Fazzi, Brock is the NAFCU Services Corporation Preferred Partner for Compensation Consulting Services for Credit Unions.

Contact: Mr. T.J. Telford,; Phone: (801) 231-2495; Website:

Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation,; (703) 842-2226

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