Integrating Credit Cards into Your Overall Payments Strategy (Recorded Conference Session)

March 18, 2011

The economic, regulatory and competitive environment has created consumers that are more conservative and considerably “choosier” in their selection of financial products. Products that address consumer and member needs in innovative ways, and that are delivered to them in ways that are convenient to them will be the success stories in the future. In this 2011 NAFCU Strategic Growth Conference session, you will hear about strategies that issuers have been using post-CARD Act and potential strategies that could help credit unions compete and win against their bank competitors, especially the mega banks! To be successful in the future, credit unions will need to have an integrated strategy leveraging credit, debit, on-line banking, mobile, and other alternative payment options together, to acquire new member relationships, and generate the most return and create long term member loyalty.

Presented by Stephanie Polen, Vice President, Client Portfolio Management, FTPS. FTPS is the NAFCU Services Corporation Preferred Partner for ATM, Debit Card & Gateway Processing, Credit Card Processing & Servicing.

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