The 3 (or more) Things You Must Know About Mortgage Lending (Recorded Conference Session)

April 22, 2011

No single subject has been more in the news the past several years than mortgage lending. The root cause of the housing crisis and a major contributor to the great recession are two things you'll hear from most consumers should you mention the subject. And, while both are true, neither one of them are included in the three things you must know about mortgage lending. In this 2011 NAFCU Strategic Growth Conference presentation, you will hear from Nizar Hashlamon, Vice President of Lending Solutions from Prime Alliance Solutions, Inc., and Executive Director for Prime Alliance Loan Servicing, as he explains the most important information in what is arguably the most powerful loan you can make for your members - a mortgage loan.

Prime Alliance is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for credit union mortgage solutions.

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