Technology’s Role in the Future of Credit Union and Member Interaction

May 30, 2012

Brett King, author of Bank 2.0 and a keynote speaker from NAFCU’s 2012 CEOs & Senior Executives Conference, provided an analysis on the future of banking and why he believes consumers are changing their behavior away from the traditional banking model.  The abundance of new technology: computers, smartphones, and the Internet, have had a significant impact on how members manage their own finances. This analysis provides credit unions a deeper understanding of how they can shift their banking structure to fit the needs of their members today and in the future.

Deluxe hosted a small salon luncheon after Mr. King’s presentation at the conference, and the discussion prompted a deeper examination of the points he raised. In this podcast, Ed Templeton, President of SRP Federal Credit Union and a member of the NAFCU and NAFCU Services Board of Directors and Petro Tsarehradsky, Vice President of Marketing & Financial Services for Deluxe Corporation will share their expertise on how credit unions can better serve their members with advancing technology.

SRP Federal Credit union has been serving its members for over 50 years and has over 100,000 credit union members. It is based in North Augusta, SC.

Deluxe Corporation is the NAFCU Services preferred partner for check printing, check online ordering, check fraud prevention and member loyalty solutions for credit unions.

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Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation; Email:; Phone: (703) 842-2226; Website:

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Genworth Mortgage Solutions: Serving the Unique Needs of Military Members

May 22, 2012

With the average military assignment of less than three years, military families are constantly getting stretched physically, mentally and financially when they are ordered to move. Genworth Mortgage Insurance has developed a specific set of solutions which allow credit unions to better assist their military members with relocation.

In this podcast, Brian Doyle, Genworth Mortgage Insurance’s Vice President of Commercial Operations and former Air Force C-17 Pilot, explains how credit unions can take advantage of this opportunity to help their military members finance their mortgages.

Brian brings over 11 years of experience in sales and marketing to Genworth and is responsible for leading Genworth’s public relations, marketing communications, sales, operations and technology teams.

Genworth is NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for private mortgage insurance for credit unions.

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Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation; Email:; Phone: (703) 842-2226; Website:

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Carpe Diem: Living in a Post-Durbin World (Podcast from a Credit Union Conference Session)

May 18, 2012

In the last year, the world has changed for credit unions. New legislation has been enacted and consumer activism has progressed. What does the next generation of business look like as a result? In this presentation from NAFCU's 2012 CEOs and Senior Executives Conference, you will learn the answer to that question. You will also learn how to use your credit union’s brand assets to create growth, and what opportunities exist in the payment market space.

Presented by: Royal Cole, Financial Institution Services President, Vantiv

Vantiv is the NAFCU Services Preferred Partner for ATM, Debit Card & Gateway Processing, Credit Card Processing & Servicing, and Merchant Services.

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