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Mortgage Loan Servicing – Current Issues and Options for Credit Unions

May 26, 2011

There has been a flood of legislative and regulatory reform heavily affecting the Mortgage Loan Servicing industry, and it’s probably not over yet. In this podcast we speak with David Allison, the Senior Vice President responsible for business development at Dovenmuehle on the mortgage servicing changes, challenges and opportunities that exist for credit unions today. Dave has been with Dovenmuehle for 21 years and previously worked at Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh, New York, London, Madrid and Milan.

Dovenmuehle is the NAFCU Services Corporation Preferred Partner for Mortgage Subservicing Solutions for credit unions.

Contact: Mr. Dave Allison, Phone: (847) 550-7550; E-mail:; Website:

Interviewer: David C. Frankil, President, NAFCU Services Corporation, Phone: (703) 842-2226; E-mail:

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