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Protecting Your Credit Union from Internal Fraud

January 31, 2008

As long as there have been employees working in financial services organizations, there have been instances of internal fraud. With technology, financial institutions today now have more ‘touchpoints’ with the outside world, with the goal of enhancing customer service or reducing the cost of information integration. However, this also creates new opportunities for compromised systems. This podcast features an interview with Tom Leuchtner, Senior Product Manager-Anti-Fraud, with Wolters Kluwer, and an expert in anti-fraud systems. Tom will also be speaking in greater detail on this topic at the NAFCU Technology and Security Conference, February 25-28, in Las Vegas.

Contact: Tom Leuchtner, Senior Product Manager – Anti-Fraud, Wolters Kluwer Financial Services.,, 781.663.5474

References: NAFCU Security and Technology Conference, Las Vegas, NV, February 25-28, 2008, Open to both NAFCU Members and non-Members.